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LEGO® Club at Lakeside Allied Health


What is LEGO® Club?

LEGO® Club is a small group program for children, run by trained facilitators. LEGO® Club runs for 4-8 weeks, depending on the program and group needs.

The focus of group sessions at LEGO® Club is developing social confidence, in a structured and supportive peer group situation. Social confidence includes a broad range of interpersonal skills relating to building friendships, managing conflict, problem-solving, requesting help, communicating boundaries and limits, perspective-taking, turn-taking, leadership, understanding others, self-advocacy, and managing changes in social situations. LEGO® Club participants are supported to develop and practice these skills in real-time with their peers through a range of activities, typically based around LEGO®.

Participants can be children aged 7-12 years (groups include similar-age peers) who experience challenges feeling confident in social situations. Often, participants have autism or are ADHDers, and most participants experience anxiety in group settings. Prior to enrolment, participants must attend an intake session with a LEGO® Club facilitator, to make sure the group is a good fit for them.

Interpersonal challenges are often related to a mismatch between a person’s neurotype and their environment and/or the communication style of others around them. We do not consider our group participants to be socially impaired because they do not act like their neurotypical peers, and we do not promote nor teach masking behaviours. We prefer to consider the individual goals of each child and their families, and we help participants to understand and navigate their social environments. We support the development of self-advocacy, social confidence, communication, and personal identity

  • Children who are outside the group age range
  • Children who experience significant difficulties with emotional or behavioural self-regulation who would therefore benefit more from individualised therapy
  • Children with significant developmental or cognitive delays
  • Parents

No, we do not require a referral for Lego Club. Every new child to Lakeside Allied Health is required to complete an intake session prior to the group starting however.

LEGO® Club costs $99 per 90-minute session. The total cost will depend on the length of the program and is payable in full to secure your child’s place in the group. Please be aware that the full fee is non-refundable within 7 days of the group start date.

The 50-minute intake session, with both the child and parent, will be a maximum of $155.

  • NDIS participants may be able to claim the cost against their NDIS plan, depending on their plan goals and funding allocation. LEGO® Club is a Capacity Building Support related to Improved Daily Living.
  • Private health insurers may offer a rebate. We recommend you check with your insurer to confirm.


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